LuAnn Etcher, Ph.D., G.N.P.-B.C.

LuAnn Etcher PhD, RN, is an Assistant Professor at Yale University School of Nursing. Her interest in the symptoms associated with the development of dementia initially began and was spurred on by work earlier in her career as a nurse practitioner caring for individuals with dementia residing in care facilities. It was during that time that she observed first-hand the negative impact that temporally patterned behaviors can have on the quality of life of individuals diagnosed with dementia and their caregivers. Today, Dr. Etcher’s research is focused on finding ways to specifically detect and manage circadian based symptoms associated with dementia. Dr. Etcher received a BSN and MSN (Gerontological Nurse Practitioner) from University of Michigan, and PhD from Wayne State University. Dr. Etcher was also awarded a Claire M. Fagin Postdoctoral Fellowship from the John A. Hartford Foundation Building Academic Geriatric Nursing Capacity Program and the Atlantic Philanthropies. Dr. Etcher enjoys teaching graduate and doctoral level students, and continues to practice part time in as a nurse practitioner working in care facilities.