Karin Reuter-Rice, Ph.D., C.P.N.P-A.C., F.C.C.M., F.A.A.N.

Karin Reuter-Rice is an Associate Professor in the Duke University School of Nursing, School of Medicine, and the Duke Institute for Brain Sciences. She is an acute care pediatric nurse practitioner with clinical expertise in pediatric critical care, a fellow of the American College of Critical Care Medicine, a fellow of the NIH-NINR Summer Genetics Institute, and co-editor of the textbook Pediatric Acute Care: A Guide for Interprofessional Practice. Her commitment to the care of critically ill and injured children and their families has led Dr. Reuter-Rice to focus her research in the area of trauma and head injury. Her research explores biologic markers associated with cerebral vasospasm and functional outcomes in pediatric traumatic brain injury (TBI). She was a co-investigator on the published study examining Vasospasm in Children with Traumatic Head Injury. With a collaborative research team approach and NIH-NINR support, Dr. Reuter-Rice is examining the relationship between cerebral vasospasm and genetic variations and neurocognitive outcomes in pediatric TBI. In addition to her research and practice in the critical care unit, she teaches and mentors students in the care of acutely ill and injured children.