The Quality, Implementation, and Evaluation Model: A Clinical Practice Model for Sustainable Interventions

Major efforts have been directed toward the implementation of sustainable quality improvement. To date, progress has been noted using various metrics and performance measures; however, successful implementation has proven challenging. The Quality, Implementation, and Evaluation (QIE) model, derived from Donabedian's structure component, presents a framework for implementation of specific activities. The QIE model consists of Policy, Patient Preparedness, Provider Competency, and Performance and Accountability, to guide specific practice initiatives. The implementation of alcohol-based pre-operative skin prep was evaluated in a sample of 17 hospitals and demonstrated that hospitals actively engaged in the components of the model demonstrated a significantly higher use of alcohol-based skin preparation agent than hospitals that did not engage in QIE model activities. The QIE model presents a powerful and actionable implementation model for mid-level management and clinical leadership. Future studies will further evaluate the impact of the specific components of the QIE model.