Measuring HIV Knowledge Among Women Incarcerated in Jail

Incarcerated women often have arresting behaviors that are also high risk for acquiring HIV, such as drug use and sex work. Little research has been done related to HIV knowledge among women in jail. This study assessed HIV knowledge among English-speaking women 18 years and older detained in a large, Southeastern jail (N = 202). HIV knowledge was assessed using the Brief HIV Knowledge Questionnaire. HIV knowledge scores were significantly lower among women over age 50, F(3, 195) = 7.39, p < .001; those with less than a high school education, F(2, 187) = 4.10, p = .018; and those with no history of sexually transmitted infections, F(1, 200) = 7.66, p = .006. Assessment of HIV knowledge among incarcerated women revealed a need for prevention education.