• Press Releases  |  Sep 23, 2009

    The prestigious Nurse Faculty Scholar award includes a grant of $350,000, which Maren Coffman will use to study the correlation between health literacy—an understanding of health care and the health care system—and diabetes among Latinas. Coffman is an assistant professor at the School of Nursing at the University of North Carolina at Charlotte.

  • Press Releases  |  Sep 23, 2009

    Sandra Kuntz, an Assistant Professor at the Montana State University College of Nursing, is using her Robert Wood Johnson Foundation Nurse Faculty Scholar grant to conduct a community-based participatory research project with public health and tribal environmental protection partners on the Fort Peck reservation. She will investigate the potential and actual exposure to methylmercury in women of childbearing age.

  • In the news  |  Sep 18, 2009

    Nancy P. Hanrahan, PhD, RN, CS, Assistant Professor of Nursing, has been appointed as the Dr. Lenore H. Kurlowicz Memorial Term Assistant Professor in Psychiatric Mental Health Nursing effective July 1, 2009. The Chair was founded earlier this year by a gift from the Kurlowicz Family in memory of Dr. Lenore H. Kurlowicz, a former faculty member in the School of Nursing. Dr. Kurlowicz, Associate Professor of Gero-psychiatric Nursing, died in 2007 following a long illness.

  • In the news  |  Sep 9, 2009

    Nurse Faculty Scholar Devon Berry had an epiphany as a teenager that guides his work in health care to this day: Religion, he observed, seemed to help keep people healthy. Read about his work on the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation's website.


  • Press Releases  |  Sep 10, 2008

    PRINCETON, N.J., SEPTEMBER 10, 2008 – The Robert Wood Johnson Foundation (RWJF) today awarded the first round of grants to 15 junior faculty nurses from around the country to develop the next generation of academic nurse leaders and strengthen the academic productivity and overall excellence of schools of nursing.  

  • Press Releases  |  Sep 1, 2008

    The Robert Wood Johnson Foundation Nurse Faculty Scholars grant supports Ying Xue’s research examining national employment patterns of supplemental nurses, to understand the United States’ nursing shortage and further examine the impact of supplemental nurse staffing on quality of care and cost in acute-care settings. Xue is an assistant professor at the University of Rochester School of Nursing.  

  • Press Releases  |  Aug 25, 2008

    Indiana University’s Diane Von Ah’s Nurse Faculty Scholar award is supporting her research to help breast cancer survivors improve their memory. Women commonly experience memory problems after breast cancer diagnosis and treatment, and health care providers know little about how to treat it. Von Ah hopes memory training, similar to that used in healthy older people, can help improve their quality of life.

  • Press Releases  |  Aug 15, 2008

    Cindy Anderson of the University of North Dakota is using her Nurse Faculty Scholar award to study vitamin D deficiency in pregnant women from the rural, northern plains. Vitamin D is mostly obtained through sun exposure, which is seasonally limited in the area, posing potential health risks for mothers and their unborn children.

  • Press Releases  |  Aug 1, 2008

    Kynna Wright-Volel, of the University of California, Los Angeles, is using her Nurse Faculty Scholar grant to conduct research on childhood obesity among Latino children. Through a nutrition and physical education program at local elementary schools, Wright-Volel aims to improve health outcomes and eliminate health disparities for children from underserved communities, where the obesity epidemic often hits hardest.

  • Press Releases  |  Jul 31, 2008

    Jennifer Wenzel is a Nurse Faculty Scholar from the Johns Hopkins University School of Nursing. Her research addresses health disparities affecting rural African American seniors who have been diagnosed and treated for cancer. Wenzel assists patients and families through cancer diagnosis and treatment, and helps them navigate the health care system.

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