Intimate Partner Homicide

Mortality Related to Intimate Partner Violence: A Review of Research and Implications for the Advocacy, Criminal Justice and Health Care Systems

Current rates of intimate partner homicide of females are approximately 4 to 5 times the rate for male victims, although the rates for both have decreased during the past 25 years. The major risk factor for intimate partner homicide, no matter if a female or male partner is killed, is prior domestic violence.

Talking about talk: The Experiences of Boys who Survived Intraparental Homicide

This article describes the experiences of men who experienced intraparental homicide (one parent killing the other parent) when they were boys. Twenty-one men were interviewed twice and data were analyzed using a hermeneutic approach. In this article we examine a topic that emerged as a core problem for these men, specifically, how they talked (or did not talk) about the homicide. Understanding intraparental homicide may provide information to guardians and professionals about what some male children need after such an event.

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