Decision Making

Individual and family characteristics associated with BRCA1/2 testing in high-risk families

BACKGROUND: Little is known about family members' interrelated decisions to seek genetic testing for breast cancer susceptibility.

A Theory-Based Decision Aid for Patients with Cancer: Results of Feasibility and Acceptability Testing of DecisionKEYS for Cancer

PURPOSE: Appropriate utilization of treatment is a goal for all patients undergoing cancer treatment. Proper treatment maximizes benefit and limits exposure to unnecessary measures. This report describes findings of the feasibility and acceptability of implementing a short, clinic-based decision aid and presents an in-depth clinical profile of the participants.

Capturing Treatment Decision Making among Patients with Solid Tumors and Their Support Persons

Purpose/Objectives: To examine the feasibility and acceptability of using a decision aid with an interactive decision-making process in patients with solid tumors and their caregivers during cancer-related treatment.

Research Approach: A phenomenologic approach was used to analyze qualitative data, with a focus on the meaning of participants’ lived experiences. Interviews were conducted by telephone or in person.

Setting: Outpatient clinics at two regional cancer centers.

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