cognitive function

Predictors of Stroke Survivors’ Enrollment in an Exercise Study

Background: Screening measures prior to study enrollment are needed to determine safety and minimize participant burden. Our objective was to determine if functional disability, physical function, cognitive impairment, age or gender were predictive of enrollment in an exercise study. Methods: This observational study used cross-sectional data from 233 stroke survivors with mild-moderate disability, who consented to be screened for potential study enrollment.

Cognitive Changes Associated with Cancer and Cancer Treatment: State of the Science

BACKGROUND: Cognitive impairment is a distressing, disruptive, and potentially debilitating symptom that can occur as a direct result of cancer or its treatment. National organizations have identified cognitive impairment as a challenge many survivors face and call for research to address this problem. Despite the priority, research is still relatively limited and questions remain unanswered about prevalence and impact on survivors, as well as coping strategies and effective treatment options available to address this potentially debilitating problem.

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