An Exploratory study of the patients' sleep patterns and inflammatory response following cardio-pulmonary bypass

AIMS AND OBJECTIVES: To describe sleep patterns and inflammatory response postCPB, determine sleep pattern changes and inflammatory response over time and explore relationships between sleep and biomarkers of stress and inflammation.

BACKGROUND: Despite the numerous citations of the role of sleep in restoration and health maintenance, a paucity of research exists about this phenomenon in patients undergoing CPB. Specifically, there is no research that has explored correlations between sleep patterns and systemic inflammatory response in adult cardiac surgery patients.

Identification of Fatigue Biomarkers in Treated and Treatment-Naive HIV Patients: Preliminary Results

Objective assessment in human immunodeficiency virus (HIV)-related fatigue has been elusive because the biological mechanisms are not well characterized. We tried to identify low-abundance plasma proteins that correlate with self-reported fatigue intensity in people living with HIV. We used plasma samples from 32 patients with HIV with varying degrees of fatigue who were either treated with nucleoside reverse transcriptase inhibitors or treatment naïve. The plasma samples were enriched for low-abundance proteins and trypsinized. The peptides were analyzed using shotgun proteomics.

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