Asian Americans

Comparing Asian American and Caucasian American adolescents’ perceived parental expectancies and their sexual behaviors

While parental influences on adolescent health behaviors are well recognized, there is limited understanding of the relationship between adolescents’ perceptions of their parents’ expectations and their sexual behaviors. This mixed-methods study explored how White and Asian American adolescents perceive parental expectations via parent–child interactions, and how such expectations relate to adolescents’ self-reported sexual activities over time.

Call to Action: Cardiovascular Disease in Asian Americans. A Science Advisory From the American Heart Association

 In 2009, President Obama signed an Executive Order calling for strategies to improve the health of Asian Americans and to seek data on the health disparities in Asian American subgroups.1 Data on Asian American subgroups are scarce and many health disparities remain unknown. The purpose of this Advisory is to highlight the gaps in existing research on cardiovascular disease (CVD) among Asian Americans, and to serve as a call to action on behalf of the American Heart Association to address these areas of need.

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